Friday, February 29, 2008

First QoV Friendship Star Blocks have arrived and sponsor are joining in to provide for volunteers!

First QoV Friendship Star Blocks have arrived!

They are gorgeous! If you want to see them you will either have to register and volunteer on March 15th or you will have to listen to Gary and Lisa on KEARTH 101 on Monday, March 17, 2008 to find out what the link is to the photos of the Quilt Tops.

We still need lots more QoV Friendship Star blocks as we are trying to get to 1600 so we can make 100 quilt tops in a single day!

Don't forget to register to attend the all day "sew-in" at the American Legion Post #496 on March 15th. Panda Express has stepped up to provide lunch to all the volunteers! Trader Joe's - Bixby Knolls is providing water and sodas for all the volunteers.

Thanks for the love and support, Panda Express. We like to support our sponsors so plan on taking your family or meeting a few friends for a meal at a Panda Express just to say thanks. Be sure to tell them "Thanks for the love from Quilts of Valor-socal!' There are 1081 restaurants in 37 states. You can find a Panda Express near you at and click on the restaurant locator. Order your favorite but for me, the Orange Chicken is hard to beat!

Make a special effort to go out of your way to drop by Trader Joe's - Bixby Knolls on Atlantic and tell them "Thanks for the love from Quilts of Valor-socal".

And while we are speaking about sponsors, don't forget to show some love at SewVac on Clark when you drop off those QoV Friendship Star blocks. We have been meeting there on Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 5 pm for about a year and a half. We want them to know how much we appreciate them collecting the blocks. Scott and the whole team have been great.

Thanks to all our sponsors March 15th is going to be a really great day! We could actually be making American history. I am not sure any group has ever made 100 quilt tops for our American heroes in a single day! What a great day in history.

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Corporate Sponsorships Available - Brief

  • Website - ecommerce, multiple event, inventory and database required. Amount unknown
  • :
  • Purchase fabric for back, sashing, borders, batting, labels and presentation cases for 100 Quilts of Valor - $35,000
  • :
  • Event with 10,000 quilters in town attending Long Beach Convention Center, ticket price is donate one quilt to Quilts of Valor-Socal, total price depends on event chosen by sponsor
  • :
  • Quilt of Valor-Socal Quilt Contest - 10 awards @ $1,000 each = total awards $10,000 + $5000 advertising = $15,000, all quilt submissions donated to Quilts of Valor-Socal