Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confusion about "SHOW YOUR COLORS"

The color of the 1600 Block of the Month QoV Friendship Star blocks.

It seems that I have inadvertently caused a bit of confusion regarding the QoV Friendship Star pattern and instruction sheet. The sheet calls for a light colored background. The picture of the completed Friendship Star clearly does not have a light colored background. Additionally, on the instruction sheet it states a choice for a border of 2"red or navy strips to frame the block.

For our 1600 Blocks of the Month this month we are not really using the light background. The background can be any patriotic color. For this month we are using only the 2" red border. Our theme is "SHOW YOUR COLORS". Light, dark, bright, bold, soft, pastel, it is all up to you! It is your block and your choice.

I apologize for the confusion and hope that clears it up a bit.

The response has been strong and it is still early yet but it seems we are off to a good start. People have registered from Big Bear, San Diego and Thousand Oaks and are carpooling to attend! As amazing as it sounds we have people mailing in blocks from many states away! How cool is that to see that kind of support for our American Heroes! Wow, it is really exciting to see so many people getting involved.

It tells us we are on a journey and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is going to be a great ride and a whole lot of fun!

I am just dying to see all the Blocks of the Month. I just can't wait to see all the combinations. It is going to be a visual overload I am sure but I just can't wait. For those of you mailing in blocks there will be pictures, many, many pictures. More pictures than you really want to look at. We promise pictures. It is in writing and you can hold us to it. (You know my companions are going to say "us, who is this us Kimosabi?")

The press release goes out tomorrow now that we are past the "big red carpet" night in glamor town so you might see or hear about the big 1600 Quilt Blocks of the Month on the radio, tv, newspaper or magazines. If you hear it or see it anywhere be sure to give Barbara or me a shout out so we can keep track of which ones are supporting us and spreading the good word. Barbara or Carol@qov-socal.org.

I have been a little concerned about how we were going to get all 100 of these quilt tops we are making on March 15th quilted in a timely fashion. Lucky enough, June Moore, the longarm coordinator for QoV sent out an email yesterday asking "where are all the quilt tops." Apparently they had a lot of dissappointed longarmers and could have quilted another 100 quilt tops in January and February. What great timing! Here we come with about 100 quilt tops.

Everything happens for a reason and it happens when it is supposed to. Now I can stop worrying about that! It is even possible we may be able to get them all quilted with in a month! Excellent.

Well, that is assuming I can find a corporate sponsor to pay for the fabric for backs, binding, labels and presentation cases. Not yet, but I am working on it. If anyone knows of a corporation or a charitable fund that might want to sponsor these, by all means, don't hold back. Let me know. I have a couple of conversations set up but nothing definite yet. And, of course, there is that beloved shipping bill of about $30 per quilt for the longarmers we have to ship to. For corporate sponsors the shipping bill will be about $3000 if they want to volunteer to pick up the shipping bill.

i keep hearing those famous words in my head "if we build it, they will come."

We shall see soon enough.

Ciao for now.

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Corporate Sponsorships Available - Brief

  • Website - ecommerce, multiple event, inventory and database required. Amount unknown
  • :
  • Purchase fabric for back, sashing, borders, batting, labels and presentation cases for 100 Quilts of Valor - $35,000
  • :
  • Event with 10,000 quilters in town attending Long Beach Convention Center, ticket price is donate one quilt to Quilts of Valor-Socal, total price depends on event chosen by sponsor
  • :
  • Quilt of Valor-Socal Quilt Contest - 10 awards @ $1,000 each = total awards $10,000 + $5000 advertising = $15,000, all quilt submissions donated to Quilts of Valor-Socal